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Monday, November 23, 2020

Today for lunch we are having Popcorn chicken or nuggets with mashed potatoes.

Happy birthday to Mrs. Dufresne

There are extra copies of the 2019-2020 yearbook available for $40. Please see Mr. Peters in room 303 or Ms. Reynolds in room 307 to purchase!

If you ordered a book last year and have not picked it up yet please come to 303 as soon as possible.

Cougars- just a reminder that we transition to virtual learning until winter break after today. Please make sure to check with your teachers for the expectations and that you are logging in to your Google Meets and Google Classroom each day. It is very important that you keep up with your learning and assignments during this distance learning period.

As we transition into a season of Thanksgiving, let’s hear what some Cougar staff members are thankful for:

Mr. Colahan is thankful for the opportunity to have been at school with his students 4 days a week.

Mr. Neal is thankful for how much Mr. Shannon helps organize the gradebook and how Mrs. Ruthers always shares chocolate pick-me-ups throughout the day and for his students who wake up and work everyday remotely and in person.

Mrs. Perry is thankful for spending more time with her family, especially her three year old son.

Mrs. Stucke is thankful for her family, great friends, good health, and her job.

Mr. Hayes is thankful for fatherhood and everything it is teaching him.

Mr. Meeker is thankful to be able to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions about art and music with his students.

Mrs. Hindman is thankful for the office secretaries.

Mrs. Hollenbach is thankful for her loving and supporting family who is always there for her in times of need.

Mr. Gonzalez is thankful for the weather.

Mrs. Reynolds is thankful for her beautiful grandchildren.

Mrs. Caldwell is thankful for her WHS family.

And finally,

WE are thankful for all of you! Stay safe, Cougar family.

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