Growl News Announcements

Monday, September 21, 2020

Today for lunch we are having Popcorn Chicken or Nuggets with a roll and the side dish is mashed potatoes and gravy.

Students: All Breakfast and Lunches are free to every student. This is a Government Program that is paying for all meals. Come enjoy your free meals today!

Attention any 18 year old student or those who will turn 18 by November 3rd!! If you would like to register to vote in this year’s November election, please see any of your social studies teachers for the registration form. The forms need to be registered by October 3rd in order to vote in this year’s November election.

Seniors! Colleges are doing VIRTUAL College Visits on Wednesdays! Check out Naviance and sign up for your favorite colleges. You will have access to their ZOOM information to log in for the virtual visit with the admissions reps! They will talk about their NEW application requirements due to COVID and share information about their college. Check out the list on Naviance and SIGN UP!

Person 1: Are you ready for the Paw Pit to reopen?

Person 2: I sooo Am

Person 1: Me too, I wonder what’s up

Person 2: Let’s watch this quick video and find out

Anchor 1: Excuse me sir, I would like one anime please.

Anchor 2: Sorry kiddo, but we’re fresh out.

Anchor 1: But… I can see anime in the window right there.

Anchor 2: Sorry pal, that anime is for display purposes only.

Anchor 1: But you don’t understand. It’s for my brother. You see, he suffers from a serious anime deficiency. If he doesn’t get anime, I-I don’t know what will happen to him.

Anchor 2: Tell you what champ, come to room 706 this Tuesday or Thursday morning before school and we will get your brother the anime he needs. You can talk to Spooner for more details

Anchor 1: Gee, thanks mister!

Anchor 2: Sure thing. Warms this old Cougar heart to see you scamps love anime like I did when I was your age.

Anchor 1: Anime Club is back!

Congratulations to the 2020 homecoming court!

Freshmen Alyssa Navarro and Ashton Doyle

Sophomores Megan Hodge and Max Arguello

Juniors Kenadee Winters and Jakob Hurley

And from our senior class

Elizabeth Wegman

Mariana Hernandez

Sofia Rodriguez

Peyton Madden

Victoriah Shade

Emmanuel Herrera- Sierra

Geephas Lawm

Dakari McLaughlin Ramirez

Nathan Mechling

Ibrahim Kamara

Court members- check your email for important details from Mrs. Dufresne and Mr. Chairup.

Don’t forget to cast your ballot for 2020 Homecoming King and Queen. Voting closes on Wednesday 9/23. Check your email for your ballot.