Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I contact my student's counselor?                      

            A: See the School Counselors tab on our website for contact information.

Q: Where can I go to request student records/transcripts?     

            A: Please visit our Records Request link.

Q: How can I update my student's emergency contact information?

            A: Please visit our Emergency Contact Information Updates page and follow the instructions.


Q: When are final exams for this semester?

            A: Please visit our Exam Schedule and Information page.


Q: Can I pay school fees online?                                           

            A: Yes! Please visit your Infinite Campus page.

Q: Can I pay with a debit/credit card at the school?                

            A: Yes, only in person at the school.


Q: If a student is late to first period, can they get a pass to first period from the office?                

            A: No, if a student is late without an excuse, they should report to their 1st period class.               

Q: What if they do have a medical/court excuse?                  

            A: The student should sign into the attendance office.

Q: If a student is late to school, when should they sign in to get a pass?                  

            A: If a student comes during second period or later, they must sign in to the attendance office.

Work Permits

Q: My student needs a work permit, how do we go about getting one?

A: Use this link, and print out a work permit application. The parent should fill out the top portion, the new employer should fill out the bottom, and a doctor/minute clinic/urgent care will need to fill out the second page once the student has received a physical. When all is complete, bring the application and your child to WHS and we will process your work permit. 

WHS Family Engagement Plan

Click HERE for the Plan

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