SAT/ACT Information

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The SAT is traditionally thought of as a test that measures a student’s critical thinking skills, testing their ability to analyze and solve problems in Math, Reading and Writing.


The ACT is considered a more “curriculum based” test, since it tests their academic preparedness for college in the areas of English, Math, Reading and Science specifically by calling on information they have learned in their high school coursework.

ACT/SAT preparation and review

SAT Overview

 ACT Overview

3 hour, 45 minute examination

3 hour examination

Heavy vocabulary

Heavy in grammar and reading

Tested on Algebra and Geometry

Tested on Alg., Geom. and Trigonometry

Math = 50% of score

Math = 25% of score

Not based on school curriculum

School curriculum based

Guessing penalty

No penalty for guessing

No Science

Science reasoning section

No English grammar

English grammar section

Math formulas provided

Math formulas not provided

 -1/4 point deduction for wrong answer

No penalty for wrong answers

Writing section

Optional Writing section

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