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Westland's Battle of the Books team traveled to Delaware Hayes HS to compete against 11 other area high schools. Our students, Halle Swisher, Carolyn Contonio, Timmy Wotring, and Jacob Hardin, represented Westland well and did an excellent job. To compete in BOTB, the team must read a total of 36 books, and then teams are quizzed light-round-style on anything about those books.

Mrs. Young's Library is the place to be during study hall! For students who have their work up to date, they are permitted to visit the library during study halls, and get to partake in a myriad of amazing activities and learning opportunities!

Spanish classes Breakout Room
Mrs. Young worked with Mrs. Evans to build a Breakout Room to encourage students to use their imaginations and Spanish skills to "escape" the Breakout Room. It was a successful exercise, and many other teachers are working to build similar programs for their classes!